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February 14, 2011

The Sweets: Pavlova Muffins with Raspberries and Passion Fruit

Time for sweets and Pavlova is an absolute favourite of mine but this version is a tad deconstructed.

Pavlova Elements ... Side by Side

These mini pavlovas came about while I was preparing for a recent party. I baked pavlova into lined muffin tins and planned to slice the peaks off and use them as little lids once I’d added the filling. The problem came when I tried to cut the lids off … too much to handle for my clumsy hands. So in a last minute move  the decision was made to turn them into DIY pavlovas.

They looked so pretty with their perfect peaks so were nice to display just as they were. I served them alongside bowls of cream, raspberries and passion fruit syrup so people could take a pavlova and top it themselves.

DIY Pavlova

The best way to do it, I think, is to give the top a little smash and then go right ahead and load the cream, raspberries and a good drizzle of passion fruit on top.

Give the top a smash and then load your pavlova up with toppings

It worked out well and I think it’s a lot more fun doing it this way. You also don’t need to worry about your pavlova going soggy if you put your toppings on too far in advance. Super easy and the meringues themselves were the perfect combination of mallow-ey, chewy and sweet.

Digging in

So if you’re looking for a sweet and rather sexy looking treat, why not give these a go.

Sweet Valentine Pavlova



Pavlova Muffins with Raspberries and Passion Fruit Recipe

(Makes 10 muffin sized pavlovas)


150ml egg whites (roughly 4 eggs)

220g Caster Sugar

2 tblspns Cornflour

2 tspns White Vinegar

1 tspn Vanilla Extract

1 punnet Raspberries

1 tin passion fruit syrup

1 carton cream, whipped



– Preheat oven to 150 degrees Celsius. Line muffin tray with paper cases.

– In a deep bowl whisk egg whites until peaks are just on the verge of  forming. You can use an electric mixer to do this although I tend to do it by hand as it doesn’t take too long.

– Gradually add sugar, whisking between each addition. You are aiming for a thick and glossy mixture. Be careful not to over whisk, you want it just to the point where you can tip the bowl upside down and the meringue won’t fall out.

– Add sifted cornflour, vanilla extract and vinegar. Gently fold until combined.

– Spoon mixture into cases, dividing evenly. Using a teaspoon give pavlova a gentle swirl on top to give a nice peak. Don’t make the peaks too tiny or they will burn more easily.

– Reduce the temperature of the oven to 120 degrees Celsius. Bake pavlovas for 1 hour and ten minutes or until they are just crisp. If you notice they are starting to brown, reduce the oven temperature.

– Cool in muffin tray and then remove with care. They are very delicate.

– Serve along side bowls of whipped cream, raspberries and passion fruit syrup … or really whatever you fancy.

October 29, 2010

French Fridays with Dorie: Apple Cake … Don’t mess with Dorie and Baking my own Birthday Cake

Timing is everything and this week the designated Marie-Helene’s Apple Cake was perfect timing … no savories for me … it’s my birthday … does it matter if one ends up making their own cake? Not when it’s apple cake …

Apples ... for Apple Cake

My grandmother who was part french used to make an amazing apple cake and the look of this staring of the page of Dorie’s book inspired memories.

But just like timing is everything, in baking recipes are everything. Today I learnt a lesson … if you’re going to mess with Dorie then you should know when to mess with Dorie … and in this case ‘Don’t mess with Dorie!’ I decided to make lots of mini versions of the apple cake so I could take them into work with me to share around. Only problem was that the recipe called for a spring-form tin which I didn’t have in a small size. Still, I gave it a go in a muffin tray. Now you can see my results …

Apple Cakette

This one looks pretty in a way … but it was one of the few that made it out of the tray whole! I don’t think these cakes will make it to work because most crumbled when I removed them from the tray. Listen to Dorie and use a spring-form I tell you!

However if you don’t use one, they’ll still taste good and it will mean there’s more for you to nibble on rather than share around … they are delicious. Especially the really light flaky top that formed on the top. Mmmmm ….


Coming Up next time on French Friday is ‘I’m not sure yet as it’s being decided by vote’ …. Feel like joining in or making these for yourself check out Around My French Table: More Than 300 Recipes from My Home to Yours. As requested by Dorie recipes for this group are not republished online.

October 1, 2010

Guinness Cake: How could it be?

This is not my cake but I do need to share this link with you!  This cake, discovered on Design Sponge, is going to have to be made at some point! Guinness Cake! Oh my word!!!! If only M’s birthday hadn’t just passed … it would have been perfect for him as he can drink Guinness like milk … I’m also quite partial to the black stuff …. I’ll have to find some sort of excuse quick smart!

What Katie Ate as featured on Design Sponge

Now , if you haven’t seen the blog from whence this stroke of brilliance originally stems – What Katie Ate –  check it out … pure beauty and decadence … wait what are you doing? Don’t read what I’m writing any longer – Go! Go to her site!

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