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June 10, 2011

A New Favourite: BBQ Lemon Ginger Pork with Sweet Apples and Crushed Potatoes

How lucky we’ve been to have had lots of sunshine over the last months … and we’re only technically 10 days into summer … though technically it is raining and the big cloud looming over London is looking angry. I’m doggedly optimistic that it will blow away by tomorrow because, being the weekend it’s time to BBQ!

Max and I have already been busy barbecuing away on our tiny little terrace so I have a few upcoming entries. But first would you mind if I revisit one of my  favourite BBQ dishes? We originally made this BBQ Lemon Ginger Pork with Sweet Grilled Apples on a bed of Crushed Potatoes back in December when we were in Australia. Seeing it was then British Winter, I reckon it deserves a repost now it’s British Summer. It’s a very simple dish to make and can all be done on the BBQ or grill … even the crushed potato.

So follow the link for the recipe and give it a try … Max and I will certainly be having it again soon.

Sarah x.

October 14, 2010

French Fridays with Dorie: Spicy Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup

French Fridays with Dorie is  a project involving a seemingly huge number of bloggers cooking their way through  Around My French Table: More Than 300 Recipes from My Home to Yours . This week’s recipe is Spicy Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup. I couldn’t be happier.

It isn’t what most would imagine to be a French dish to be, but France’s involvement in Vietnam and the resulting influences on both countries cuisine could be said to make it so. This recipe is Dorie’s own mix up of pho ga (a chicken broth based soup) and la sa ga ( a coconut based curry soup). It reminds me of the traditional Pho, found in it’s many varieties across Vietnam.


Busy Hannoi ... There must be some pho nearby ...


When I traveled  in Vietnam several years back I ate Pho almost every day for breakfast, normally at roadside stalls. If your eyebrows are raised, Pho is Vietnam’s equivalent to cornflakes or toast and over the course of a month I became addicted to it. Back in London I regularly try to make my own version of it. Or else I head to Mien Tay Restaurant for a bowl. It’s got to be the best in London.


Pho ... even in the mountains of the North


So this recipe by Dorie was right up my street. I couldn’t wait to get started.


Spicy Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup


It’s an easy soup to put together and all the elements can be prepared ahead of time and assembled at the last minute. What I love about this style of soup is that you make the base and then layer all the elements on top. In Vietnam all these extras are normally served alongside the soup and it’s up to the individual to decide how much of each they want – extra herbs, beansprouts, fresh chillies, sauces etc. I’ve had a cold this week so I went crazy on the chili!


Extra Chilli and Chilli Oil on top


M couldn’t wait for me to take the photo, he had to get stuck in.


Stuck in ... more chilli please


We loved this … full of flavour and our favourite so far for French Fridays. Thanks Dorie!


Coming Up next time on French Friday  is Hachis Parmentier … comfort food if ever there was some …. Feel like joining in or making these for yourself check out Around My French Table: More Than 300 Recipes from My Home to Yours. As requested by Dorie recipes for this group are not republished online.

October 4, 2010

Rainy Days Rainy Nights: Ceramic Baked Pepper Chicken

Rainy Days and Rainy Nights call for something wholesome and hearty but I don’t want to undo all the hard work I put in at the swimming pool this morning … it was so so cold … so so cold.  So tonight I cooked what I’m christening Ceramic Hot Pepper Chicken … I’m not feeling too creative on the name front at the moment so that will have to do. It’s a bit of a jumble of ideas, recipes and ingredients but it turned out a right treat and I think it was pretty healthy too. Dished out, you could eat this with a salad, bread, rice or couscous but we happily ate it just on it’s own. Well fed we settled in for a night watching our indulgence of the moment … Masterchef Australia … can’t get enough of it! Completely chilled out night and whilst looks wise the Masterchef judges would call my Ceramic Hot Pepper Chicken ‘home cooking’ …  when it comes down to it … who minds a bit of home cooking?

Ceramic Hot Pepper Chicken

Ceramic Hot Pepper Chicken

So how do you make it?

INGREDIENTS: Olive Oil, 6 Medium size Chicken Pieces (cut into little pieces), 1 Large White Onion, 4 Whole Cloves Garlic, 2 Red Peppers (or any other colour), 1 or 2 Zucchini / Courgettes, 3 or so carrots, Dried Thyme, Bay Leaves, Ginger (Fresh or like me use some strong Ginger Cordial), Chilli minced (or Mr Naga’s if you can find it), 400g tin Chickpeas, 2 Fresh Tomatos, Salt and Pepper.

– Take a big open topped ceramic dish that you can also put on the hob.

– Add a glug of oil, not too much, and put the dish in the oven to warm up (about 180 Celsius)

– Whilst it’s in there, chop up a big white onion (keep it chunky), peel a few whole cloves of garlic, slice a couple of peppers lengthwise, and finally  cut your carrots and zucchini/courgettes up nice and chunky.

– Take the warmed pan out of oven and put on the hob (medium heat) … chuck in all the ingredients you just chopped up and stir around letting them sizzle a bit. Throw in some dried thyme, salt and pepper, some minced chilli (or Mr Naga if you have it) and a couple of bay leaves. If you’re using fresh ginger add it now. Pop the dish back in the oven – about 20 minutes. You don’t want the veg cooked too much, just enough to give them a head start before you add the chicken.

– Take out the dish and put back on the hob – again on medium heat – push the veg a bit to the side to allow you to put the chicken pieces in (stage by stage depending on the size of your dish. Let them sear on both sides (nice if they get a bit of colour to them), turning when needed.

– Add your drained chickpeas and a splash of strong ginger cordial/syrup and stir through . Layer slices of tomato on top and put back in the oven, still at 180 degrees. Think I left it in for about 20 minutes – but basically it should stay in until the chicken is cooked – carrots should still have a bit of bite. But do give it all a bit of a stir partway through cooking to keep it all nice and moist.

– Can serve on the table straight from your ceramic dish – it looks nice and hearty. We had it on it’s own but would be nice served with a salad, bread, couscous or even rice. Apologies for the vagueness on the measurements etc. but this really is one of those dishes you can change as you go along or add/subtract things too based on your own instinct. Hope you enjoy!


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