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June 10, 2011

A New Favourite: BBQ Lemon Ginger Pork with Sweet Apples and Crushed Potatoes

How lucky we’ve been to have had lots of sunshine over the last months … and we’re only technically 10 days into summer … though technically it is raining and the big cloud looming over London is looking angry. I’m doggedly optimistic that it will blow away by tomorrow because, being the weekend it’s time to BBQ!

Max and I have already been busy barbecuing away on our tiny little terrace so I have a few upcoming entries. But first would you mind if I revisit one of my  favourite BBQ dishes? We originally made this BBQ Lemon Ginger Pork with Sweet Grilled Apples on a bed of Crushed Potatoes back in December when we were in Australia. Seeing it was then British Winter, I reckon it deserves a repost now it’s British Summer. It’s a very simple dish to make and can all be done on the BBQ or grill … even the crushed potato.

So follow the link for the recipe and give it a try … Max and I will certainly be having it again soon.

Sarah x.

October 16, 2010

Saturday Coffee: Let’s hear you say crema …

The sun is rising, Frank’s playing on the radio and the alarm hasn’t gone off. It can only be the weekend.

Don’t even bother to utter the word instant, I’d prefer to go thirsty.  Thick, black  with the perfect crema … nothing beats a properly made brew to kick off the weekend.

I admit to owning my fair share of coffee brewing paraphernalia, collected the world over. And, I admit to living by oath of allegiance to Monmouth Coffee. Thus considered, I like to think I make a fairly decent cuppa.

Stick your nose to the bag and inhale deeply ...

My favourite method at home is using a Bosnian coffee pot. It’s a little purpose made narrow topped pot that you fill with water and a few spoons of coffee. Then as it heats on the hob, a thick foam forms rises from the surface. Just when you think it’s going to overflow you lift it from the heat, let the foam drop and then return it to the heat. Ritual dictates you repeat this process three times over. Whether that’s technique or superstition I don’t know, but you do get a beautiful thick black coffee at the end of it. Served in tiny cups the coffee sediment drops to the bottom and it gives you a wake up call to remember. In Bosnia they add sugar to this type of coffee but I prefer to take it as it comes. My only problem with it is that it doesn’t produce that classic crema. Nor, I’m ashamed to admit, do any of my other coffee gadgets.

Sip the Morretti Crema @ Rosies Brixton

If I’m really craving the good stuff I head to Rosie’s Deli in Brixton. I’m convinced it’s the best coffee in South London.

For home though, in my crema dreams  I sometimes wonder about an espresso machine. The New York Times recently announced the $20,000 cup of coffee but sitting here in our little flat, in our tiny little kitchen that would I suspect be a tad over the top. I have to admit to perusing machines on Ebay this week … and drooling over the video of the new Miele Compact Barista counter top machine.

Hmmmmm … how many coins are in the bottom of my purse? I think Ebay might win my vote.


PS.Promise to add a Bosnian Coffee Pot Pic to this post soon!

PPS. If you are looking for something tasty to go with your coffee this weekend check out these Pear, Hazelnut and Brown Butter Cakes at Cannelle Et Vanille. I haven’t made them yet but I will soon!

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